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The Masking of Oakland's Panthers

  • Written by The People's Minister of Information
  • Published in Radio

Coogler's Panther had a terrible counter-revolutionary message but before I get into that, let me tell y'all what I thought was great about this record breaking box office Disney/Marvel film. The cinematography was phenomenol. That aspect was better than a Black version of the Matrix. The costumes and the colors were on another level. The sets where beautiful. I also liked seeing dark-skinned Black women in complex acting roles with intellect and decision making power like the general, the scientist, and the spy. One of my favorite parts in the movie was when T'Challa told his scientist sister to heal the CIA agent, and she walked away in disgust, saying something close to "another white man?," showing in that one scene that this was not a film about Africans vs. African Americans, it was more a film about bourgeois minded nationalist leadership vs. Pan African mass leadership. I felt like the women, did some of the strongest acting in the film, and I think that there characters were the most politically and morally impeccable. Thirdly the dialogue in the film was on point. The movie obviously did what a piece of art is supposed to do, if you watched social media opening week, it moved movie-viewers; whether it was positively or negatively, it did its job. Fourthly, I liked how "Black Panther" the film, included herbal medicines, telekinetic energy and other futuristic techologies, that will hopefully influence the youth that saw this movie to want to become scientists.   

Now the two main characters Kilmonger and T'Challa worked for/with the CIA. Lets be clear on that from the jump.

Kilmonger's story

Early in the movie when Kilmonger was being introduced, it was said that he was U.S. military trained, and worked with elite military units to destabilize governments around the world. The premise of the movie in regards to Kilmonger, is that he may have traded sides from the U.S. and the whites, when he was determined throughout the film to lead the Pan African world revolution. There is more than one scene in the movie where he talked about giving weaponized Vibranium to the oppressed Black people of the world so that they could topple their oppressors. 

His politics sounded slightly like those of Qaddafi, his profile was that of Idi Amin. Many people that I talked to who did not identify with him, were concerned and scared of him because of his rage. His rage was fueled by seeing what Blacks in Oakland, Cali experience and Wakanda having the one resource Vibranium, which could free us, and Wakanda refusing. 

In current day politics that could be Coltan which fuels electronics or uranium, which is needed for certain nuclear weapons. Coltan is needed to fuel the electronics in weapons also. Or it could be the gold which is plentiful in Africa, that Qaddafi was going to use for the African currency, the Dinar, before he was toppled. 

Beyond the international political front, Kilmonger also reminded me of people like 2Pac, who shot 2 police officers, as well as the young people who stormed downtown Oakland and kicked off the historic '09 rebellions which eventually got Mehersle the officer who killed Oscar Grant convicted of murder. 

Kilmonger was also fueled by the fact that T'Challa's father, then-king, personally assassinated his father, a prince and the kings brother, because he admitted to giving away the secret weaponized vibranium technology to the whites while on his overseas Wakandan mission. Kilmonger, who was probably a pre-teen at the time was playing outside of the apartment that he shared with his father, and later found his father's dead body. Kilmonger grew up in Oakland, and never had been to Wakanda. T'Challa's father was a nationalist king. He cared about Wakanda and Wakanda only, although the rest of the African world was suffering the trials and tribulations that we face from Haiti, to the Congo, to East Oakland, today. Wakanda could have helped, but it refused and did not see a connection to us, like so many African nations of today.  

Kilmonger tried to get Klaw, a white man, to take him to Wakanda, and Klaw saw that as a suicide mission and refused. He later took Kilmonger's woman hostage, and Kilmonger killed them both, later dragging Klaw's body back, whom was a wanted man, to Wakanda as a gift of goodwill to gain entrance. Once in, he challenged T'Challa for the throne in the ritualistic way, that was right by the Wakandans and won by most American sports standards. He threw T'Challa off of a cliff, and T'Challa was assumed dead and Kilmonger was inaguareted King. Later T'Challa comes back, but in my opinion Kilmonger had already been deemed the winner and thus for king. You can not review a play from 3 plays ago, after the call has been ruled, and the match has proceeded. Also it is important to keep in mind that Kilmonger represents the African world revolution, and he was cheated from the throne because of nepotism. 

T'Challa's story

T'Challa is the prince who wants revenge, and wants to capture Klaw, the man who murdered his father, the king. He is surrounded by loving women who make his journey as king easy; the Wakandan spy, his sister the scientist, and the female general who is loyal to the throne. Although he is from the most powerful and technologically savvy nation in the world, he saves the life of and works with a CIA agent, and brings him to Wakanda to be cured with their herbal medicine. The CIA agent is supposedly stuck in Wakanda after Kilmonger comes to power and T'Challa is considered dead. The CIA agent is the co-star of the movie and makes a few key decisions, like after being given the ok from Wakanda, he shoots down the planes that Kilmoger sends out with the weaponized vibranium that will be used around the world to free the oppressed, kind of like Qaddafi's ideas of sponsoring revolutions around the world. 

T'Challa disrespected the throne and the ancestral customs when he cheated and came back to challenge his cousin, after Kilmonger was deemed king. My homeboy said well T'Challa never tapped out like Bonacu, who previously had challenged T'Challa for the throne. My answer was, how could he if he is presumed dead? T'Challa later kills Kilmonger and regains the throne. He later goes to the spirit world to chastize his father for making a mistake when he assassinated his brother, Kilmonger's father. In his twisted mind, his solution to repair the situation is to give Wakandan technology to the UN to share with the world, not the Pan African revolution. 

Any student of political history will tell you that the UN has never served Black and Brown nations. It is just an imperialist ran front for oppressive nations to appear in the international media as though they are trying to come up with diplomatic solutions to their genocidal murder, rape, and pillaging of the many oppressed nations resources, while the oppressors are also moving militarily simultaneously outside of UN authority without consequence. Many people in theaters across the world applauded the UN move, without considering its consequence. It just goes to show how little the oppressed world knows about the actual and factual white supremacy machinery that is controlling their minds and resources from the UN to Disney to the Boule. T'Challa represents Paul Kagame in current day politics. He has been running Rwanda for almost 25 years. He got to that position by assassinating Rwandan president Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira among others by bombing their plane in '94. He did not win through elections is the point. Kagame also spent time for military training in the U.S., while the character T'Challa went to a ivy league school in the U.S. also. Although Kagame has the Rwandan and Congolese genocide on his hands, equalling near 10 million lives alongside his counterparts Museveni in Uganda, Kabila in the Congo, and their western imperial puppetmasters in the US and Europe, he is allowed to operate with impunity because he occupies the land and military might to deliver coltan, a mineral that the western world is heavily dependent on for its computers and weapons systems. 

Disney and the CIA

Now lets talk more about the subliminal messaging and the history of Disney. Walt Disney, who founded the company with his brother Roy was a Nazi sympathizer, who is most famous in US military history for participating in Project Paperclip, which was a CIA program that brought over 1500 mind scientists; pyschologists, socialogists, anthropologists, and early media-makers to the U.S. under an amnesty program which also employed them at Disney and in Hollywood. In the Disney company's own history they admit to making morale boosting propaganda films for the U.S. government in 1941, the height of WWII. The real job of the Paperclip scientist was to perfect mind control and continue Hitler's experiments with television and motion picture mind manipulation. It is important to note that Hitler's Germany invented motion pictures in 1939 as a mass military weapon, to homogenously brainwash the world; kind of like the internet and social media. Once perfected, the CIA called its media machine a wurlitzer piano, because for every note you strike, you could make the people do a different dance, just like in the movie "The Wiz". So this is the historical connection that Disney, the company has with the CIA. 

The original writer of "Black Panther", is a white man, by the name of Stan Lee, he supposedly wrote the comic "Black Panther" months before the organization with same name was formed in Oakland California. Comic fans claim that there is no connection between the two, but there is definitly a connection between the movie and this Black revolutionary organization. 

First off in the film, Kilmonger is from Oakland California, home of the Black Panther Party as well as reportedly Ryan Coogler, the director and one of the writers of this film. The film was released on the birthday weekend of Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton of the Black Panther Party. The promo picture is of T'Challa sitting like Huey in a futuristic chair, mimicking the iconic Huey P. Newton photo with his gun and his spear. Also in one scene in the movie, Kilmonger is in a room with a Public Enemy poster on the wall, right after you see it the first time, the camera moves swiftly pass Huey's poster on the wall also. 

On a political level the symbolism is made to cover up or confuse the achievements of the Panther Party, which are many. Please study the 10 point platform, political prisoners, and the survival programs, if you need a reference to learn more. 

Many in my generation remember the '83 classic movie "Scarface" which was one of the biggest commercials promoting the selling of cocaine ever made. Black and Brown young people wanted to be Al Pacino in Scarface until New Jack City, thus fueling the pyschology behind the crack explosion of the 80's-90's. But Scarface was also important, because the movie started off with an unneccessary scene of a Fidel Castro speech with scenes from the Merriel boatlift of 1980. The story was told including Fidel 's speech in particular, because it was important for the government through Hollywood to get the youth in the US and around the world to identify with Alpha 66 and the treacherous Gusano Cubans that worked with the CIA in the Bay of Pigs and lost against Castro's forces resulting in their capture and release years later to Miami. Remember that is how Scarface starts. 

In '71 at the height of the Panther revolutionary phenomenon, Shaft is released, a movie about a Black police officer who dresses like the Panthers. When people are talking about changing the conditions in the community in a revolutionary way, Hollywood tries to introduce a cool cop. Coincidence? The Black Panther Party and Huey's image specifically was again attacked through the medium of Hollywood with the movie the '73 movie "The Mack". Was it a coincidence that the character of the Mack was from Oakland, he looked like Huey, sounded like Huey, he had problems with the Ward brothers like Huey, and the Mack had a mentoring relationship with the children in the neighborhood like Huey did, with the Panther liberation school. Coincidence? In 2001, Spike Lee wrote and directed another hit piece on Huey, in a "A Huey P. Newton story", where he profiled him as if he was a chronic cigarette spoking lunatic that co-founded the Black Panther Party. Hollywood's attacks have proceeded to this very day.

In 2013 Coogler's "Frutivale Station", was a good movie. It just wasn't about what made the Oscar Grant anti police terrorism movement start, which is what blew the name up for Hollywood to want to make the movie in the first place. 

On Jan. 7, '09,  downtown Oakland went up in blaze because after 7 days then-Mayor Ron Dellums refused to call for the indictment of the Oakland police officer Jonas Mehserle, the triggerman who shot the fatal bullet into Oscar Grant. For the most part, the rally-protesting movement and the street rebels were two different groups except for a few people protesting the police murder. I was among that few. I went to Santa Rita, fought a trumped up arson case for 13 months, while also continuing to report on what was going on with the Mehserle trial for KPFA, KPOO and the SF Bay View among other stations around the country, from the Bay to LA for over a year. The people were fighting on both fronts, not because they knew of how "angelic" Oscar was, as he was portrayed in the "Fruitvale Station" film, but because he was another nameless and faceless Black man that was murdered by the police. The people's fight was not potrayed at all. Consciously for some and perhaps unconsciously for others, it was a million dollar attempt by Hollywood to distract the people worldwide, those to young to understand, and those soon to come, as to the scope of what the Oakland rebels of '09 were fighting against; and that is state sponsored police terrorism. Ask children under 12, who Oscar Grant is, and they will tell you a fictional Hollywood story, instead of about the 3 street rebellions and the hundreds of protesters, including Lovelle Mixon murdering 4 Oakland police officer two months after Oscar was killed. Is it a coincidence that none of those things made it to the movie?

The overall political message of "Black Panther" is, since you can not be the Black Panther character, King of Wakanda, you can be a CIA agent like T'Challa's right hand man, the next best thing. How are all the people that are against police terrorism, pro-CIA, which are one group of many international police for white supremacy? Some would say that it's only a movie, and I would respond that corporations spend millions on advertisements at the superbowl for a reason. The military, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement work with Hollywood to convice you that they are friends and not killing us by the millions around the world; look at CSI, Mission Impossible, James Bond, The Avengers, Batman, The First 48, Ride Along, 21 Jump Street, Top Gun, "Black Panther" and the rollcall is endless. They are always selling you something. It may be a product, it may be a political idea. In most cases its both. If you don't catch the subliminals and sometimes even if you do, pyschology tells us it can be lodged in your subconscious without you or your children even knowing. 

Now when you type "Black Panther" into youtube, there is no Huey, Bobby, Lil Bobby, Assata, Sekou, Kathleen, Ericka, Mumia, Sundiata, Herman, Jalil, Afeni or any of the others that gave up their lives and freedom for us; there are only comic book characters for the first few hundred videos. What a brilliant Cointelpro move.   

"There will never be another Black messiah unless we create him", J. Edgar Hoover,former director of the FBI and chief architect of COINTELPRO.

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