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African Americans are suffering the most under President Obama

(GB-N.com) – Candidate Barack Obama promised "change" to the people who voted for him.  He told them to hope, and that change would come.  But President Obama's change is really more of the same; his elixir that was sold to the world was nothing more than snake oil.  The most damage, of course, is being done to those whose dreams were intricately woven into his words, not realizing that words are not policy. And, those who believed in our President the most are now suffering and dying the most.

Some people, to this day, remain tricked by the salve of words for the wounds inflicted by our President.  Others have begun to sink into despair while some search for answers.  But our President is adept at giving us, in the words of the late, great Fred Hampton, Chicago's other son: "answers that don't answer, explanations that don't explain, and conclusions that don't conclude."  

During my 2008 presidential campaign with Rosa Clemente, I warned the attentive public of what was to come under an Obama Administration. I did not imagine that it would be this bad.

I do believe that Henry Kissinger was onto something when he marveled at the tremendous good will that this President generated around the world and I do believe that Henry Kissinger, among others, sought to use that good will for their own purposes.  After all, when you buy a President, like a slave, he becomes yours.  It is now clear that the people of the United States did not buy this President and so they do not own him.  There are clear winners from the policies currently being pursued. The people are not in that group.

Obama’s policies in Haiti are abhorrent!  When the devastating earthquake struck there, President Obama sent in the drones when the people needed food, shelter, and medical relief!  How is that any different from George W. Bush and Michael Chertoff, who sent the military and mercenaries into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina when what the people really needed was food?

Now, because of President Obama's policies and his complete prostration before the Vicars of theImperium--that is, the Clinton Family—who call the shots on the future of the Haitian people, more struggle against domination is all that’s in Haiti’s future.

Had George H.W. or W. Bush or John McCain or any Republican done any of this, enough hot air would have been released from the mouths of Democrats and liberals to float the Hindenburg; the streets all across the United States would be teeming with protesters; and, there would be enough animation in the Congress to make John Boehner cry!  Instead, the very people who wield official power to stop this insanity, are silent.  

But, there is also pernicious collateral damage from our President's policies right here in the United States - in the African-American community. President Obama has hastened the collapse of Black wealth in this country even as he feeds the beast of the bankers. The so-called Black Farmer "settlement" provides money for everyone but the initial Black Farmers who filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture and who now stand to lose 1.5 million acres of land under President Obama's watch.

As a result, sadly, Blacks are slipping back more and more into economic and cultural servitude and political irrelevancy. Michelle Alexander's book entitled "The New Jim Crow," reveals the true state of Black America: ‘More African American men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War began.’  Thus, according to a recent Economic Policy Institute report, Black family wealth has fallen to just $2,000 while that of White families rests at $94,600.

Politics is neither a beauty nor a popularity contest.  Politics is about power and policy.  And, unless we cast our votes for the candidates who represent our best policy options, then we are practicing the politics of self-abnegation.  Nowhere is that more clear than in the case of the Black community where even thoughtful critique of our President is unwelcome.  

President Obama describes himself as a “mutt” and considers African Americans mongrels.  Such a man is understandably insensitive to the pain and suffering of African people.

Cynthia McKinney is a former member of the United States Congress. She was the presidential candidate on the Green Party ticket in 2008.

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